A new command I give to you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another
John 13:34
Labor of Love is a Christ-centered ministry offering help to those in need and providing an opportunity to serve in a loving and supportive manner, as guided by God's word.
Are you interested in being part of the Labor of Love ministry?
Click here to access our groups page.  Scroll to page 2 and you will find the Labor of Love groups.  Click on the group or groups you which to be involved in and join the group.
Whenever there is a Labor of Love project or move, you will be notified through our app messaging.


Our moving and relocation ministry is dedicated to helping those in need by assisting with moving.
Kevin Stine oversees our moving ministry.  If you have a moving need, please fill out the form below 
and Kevin will get back to you


Our service ministry is dedicated to helping those in need by assisting with:
Home repair, yard clean-up, snow shoveling, tree removal and painting.
Casey & Megan Becker oversee our service ministry.  If you have a need that we can assist with, please fill out the form below and Casey or Megan will get back to you.

Labor of Love Need

Moving Ministry Leader - Kevin Stine
Service Ministry Leaders - Pastor Cody
You will be contacted by either Kevin or Pastor Cody regarding your request.